As our opening season is fast approaching, here are some events and ways that you can contribute!

Any funds that are donated are put towards: Supplies for cleaning events, programs that are used to develop social media and website posts, also for us to make sure that the events are safe for everyone during this time. 

Merchandise is now available under the Support Us tab!

Featuring hoodies, long sleeve shirts, coffee mugs, phone cases and face masks!

Whats New?

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Opening Event

May 1, 2021

Spring Cleaning


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About us:

Nous sommes un groupe de bénévoles dévoués qui travaillent dans des zones troublées pour ramasser et éliminer correctement les ordures avec l'aide de partenariats entre la ville et les forces de l'ordre. Nous exerçons nos activités en grande partie à Edmonton, à Calgary et dans plusieurs villes du Canada.


In 2020 we accomplished

Events Held

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Area Cleaned


Thank you, Team


We would like to first thank our volunteers for joining us and dedicating time to helping us in our efforts to take care of our environment. We are so grateful for your help! Better Environments has been developing and undergoing adaptations to better suit our growing demand as well as our volunteer's skill sets and we appreciate your understanding as we expand. If you have suggestions, we welcome your input. If you think you know someone that might fit in well with our team, we encourage new applicant submissions. If you're only currently volunteering as an admin and want to get in on the action, by all means, check out how to volunteer to get cleaning! 

Aucun événement à venir pour le moment

Je vous remercie

Nos sponsors, bénévoles et tous ceux qui nous ont aidés à nettoyer notre environnement en toute sécurité.

Nous sommes très reconnaissants de votre soutien!

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Capilano Rexall

Avec votre aide pour fournir des boîtes pointues, nous sommes plus sûrs et plus efficaces.

On apprécie ça!