Tiffany Deobald - Director of Calgary

Tiffany is a university student who coordinates all the events in Calgary. She is also heading up the development of our soon to be education and awareness program. She is a hard-working individual who's passion is the protection and preservation of the environment.

Katherine Wallace - Director of Saskatchewan

Katherine is a university student, who assists in many of the behind-the-scenes tasks and coordination. She has always enjoyed the outdoors and wants help preserve the wonderful beauty of the outdoors always ready for the next adventure.

Outreach and Development:

Jeff Kwok - Senior Coordinator

Susan Lo - Technical advisor

Saniya Mansoor- Administrative Coordinator

Outreach and Development Coordinators

Srinija - Records Administrative Manager

Nehal- Services Administrative Manager

Team Leaders in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, & Ottawa

Individual & Team Volunteers


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Let's get to know who we're working with:

Our Team:

Mac McAlear - Founder and CEO

Mac is the founder and CEO of Better Environments Inc. A university student who wanted to make a difference in her community by collecting and disposing of the overabundance of garbage worsened by the pandemic, striving to leave it better than how she found it.

Leon Huang- Executive Coordinator

Leon is the glue that keeps everyone on track and coordinated. He coordinates the main lines of inter-organization communication and assists on on-going projects. He is a dedicated, hardworking individual that strives to do what he can to help his community.