Why submit progress?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Submitting progress helps us keep track of the garbage that is being cleaned up and area's that are being environmentally impacted. It also helps track your individual progress and can be used as volunteer hours, as long as the submitted information meets our requirements.

2. Knowing what areas have been cleaned helps us better organize events in areas that need cleaning. We recommend submitting pictures of the area before and after, and some fun action shots. Please note, if there are photos with people in them, make sure they consented to them being shared. The photo's submitted will be used on our social media platforms and website. Doing these cleans can be fun, get a group of friends together (safely), and make an afternoon of cleaning, listen to some music, and gain some volunteer hours that can be put onto a future resume!

​3. COVID-19 has restricted many activities, but cleaning up our cities and forests is one thing we can do anywhere, at any time! Please submit your progress, and we look forward to seeing how you impact the environment!